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New Year's Resolution: Plan for Home Care Services

Jan 11, 2018 by Ora Lee

It may seem odd to talk about senior home care services in terms of New Year's resolutions, but why not? Quality home care services could really help improve your loved one's life and that is certainly amazing and something to be proud of.

You may still be on the fence about whether or not home care services could be beneficial to your loved one. We have put together a list of the most warning signs that it may be time for your loved one to get a caregiver or at least part-time help around the house.

Changes In Their Personality Or Mood

This may seem a bit too banal to warrant the "warning sign" label, but that could not be farther from the truth. If your loved one is losing interest in things they have to care about their entire lives, it is time to start to worry. Other personality and mood-related warning signs include increased irritability and abrasiveness.

Isolation And Loneliness

Both isolation and loneliness absolutely plague the senior community. It makes sense that as we get older, the more friends and family members we will lose and it may be difficult to find meaning after it all. Companion care is part of home care services and it has shown great results in the past with seniors going through a hard time.

Hygiene Problems

Cognitive impairments and coordination and mobility problems may cause your loved one to neglect their hygiene. Poor hygiene is not always a matter of choice.

Chronic Illnesses

Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and osteoporosis, are all chronic health conditions many seniors suffer from and they require extensive care. With home care services your loved one can stay on top of all their treatments without it getting in the way of their dreams and goals.

A Cluttered Home

Clutter can spell danger and long stints in the hospital for older adults. If your loved one's home is not clean and free of clutter, they may be leaving themselves open for dangerous injuries and health problems.

Memory Problems

If you notice that your older loved one is losing large chunks of their memory, or if they are having a hard time recalling how to do simple tasks, you should look into home care services. In order to maintain their independence successfully, your loved one needs to be on top of their game at all times.

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